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8. Employment futures weak as pensions drain states, municipalities


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2. Staying too long in a job that you want to leave


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<ΪLGBTָͬ˫ͱˣȺȡȨ桡This year so far, Stephen Chows The Mermaid has made 6 million since its release in early February during Lunar New Year.






Ƽϼ人̶ҽԺ:һͻȻֹͣIJɷ Chinese manufacturers:Coming to the U.S.? Warren Buffetts BYD says it is arriving in 2015 and Geely in 2016 but weve been hearing that someone was coming since at 2006. The refinement of Chinese cars is the issue. With more than 80 local automakers producing 524 different models in China, R&D money is spread too thinly to produce meaningful results. ϸ

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Ƽ˱˴ɽ˻񻭵ѧ̣ʵ޻Գ Ranking third on our Top-Grossing list is Steve Carell. Despicable Me 2 was a huge hit this year, bringing in 9 million at the box office. Overall, the franchise has earned .4 billion at the box office worldwide and a third movie, Minions, is on the way. Carell also appeared this year in the small indie The Way Way Back and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The latter failed to earn back its production budget at the box office but were only looking at ticket sales here the film put another .5 million in Carells column for 2013. ϸ

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