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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Very good. jump in, Watson. We must strike while the iron is hot.Simple as the case is, there have been one or two very instructivedetails in connection with it. Just pull up at a telegraph office asyou pass, cabby."
2.  "Just look it up, then."
3.  "Pray proceed."
4.  "Well, gentlemen, you have the drop on me this time. I seem tohave knocked up against something hard. But I came here in answer to aletter from Mrs. Hilton Cubitt. Don't tell me that she is in this?Don't tell me that she helped to set a trap for me?"
5.  "No, I do not think so. I think that there was probably some moretangible cause. And now, Miss Stoner, we must leave you, for if Dr.Roylott returned and saw us our journey would be in vain. Good-bye,and be brave, for if you will do what I have told you rest assuredthat we shall soon drive away the dangers that threaten you."Sherlock Holmes and I had no difficulty in engaging a bedroom andsitting-room at the Crown Inn. They were on the upper floor, andfrom our window we could command a view of the avenue gate, and of theinhabited wing of Stoke Moran Manor House. At dusk we saw Dr. GrimesbyRoylott drive past, his huge form looming up beside the littlefigure of the lad who drove him. The boy had some slight difficulty inundoing the heavy iron gates, and we heard the hoarse roar of thedoctor's voice and saw the fury with which he shook his clinched fistsat him. The trap drove on, and a few minutes later we saw a suddenlight spring up among the trees as the lamp was lit in one of thesitting-rooms.
6.  "Exactly. You would like to tell people how you died. No use writingon paper. That would be seen. If you wrote on the wall someone mightrest upon it. Now, look here! Just above the skirting is scribbledwith a purple indelible pencil: 'We we-' That's all."


1.  "That sounds a little paradoxical."
2.  -THE END-
3.  "How do they account for it?"
4.  "Yes," said our ally, "I am Bob Carruthers, and I'll see thiswoman righted, if I have to swing for it. I told you what I'd do ifyou molested her, and, by the Lord! I'll be as good as my word.""You're too late. She's my wife."
5.  "My wife had gone to the theatre. I waited up for her. It washalf-past eleven before we went to our room."
6.  Ferguson sat up with a cry of joy.


1.  A quarter of an hour passed, and then a second cyclist appeared.This time it was the young lady coming from the station. I saw herlook about her as she came to the Charlington hedge. An instantlater the man emerged from his hiding-place, sprang upon his cycle,and followed her. In all the broad landscape those were the onlymoving figures, the graceful girl sitting very straight upon hermachine, and the man behind her bending low over his handle-bar with acuriously furtive suggestion in every movement. She looked back at himand slowed her pace. He slowed also. She stopped. He at oncestopped, too, keeping two hundred yards behind her. Her nextmovement was as unexpected as it was spirited. She suddenly whiskedher wheels round and dashed straight at him. He was as quick as she,however, and darted off in desperate flight. Presently she came backup the road again, her head haughtily in the air, not deigning to takeany further notice of her silent attendant. He had turned also, andstill kept his distance until the curve of the road hid them from mysight.
2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3.  "It is very kind of you."
4.  The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet.
5.   A few words may suffice to tell the little that remains. Anexamination by experts leaves little doubt that a personal contestbetween the two men ended, as it could hardly fail to end in such asituation, in their reeling over, locked in each other's arms. Anyattempt at recovering the bodies was absolutely hopeless, and there,deep down in that dreadful cauldron of swirling water and seethingfoam, will lie for all time the most dangerous criminal and theforemost champion of the law of their generation. The Swiss youthwas never found again, and there can be no doubt that he was one ofthe numerous agents whom Moriarty kept in his employ. As to thegang, it will be within the memory of the public how completely theevidence which Holmes had accumulated exposed their organization,and how heavily the hand of the dead man weighed upon them. Of theirterrible chief few details came out during the proceedings, and if Ihave now been compelled to make a clear statement of his career, it isdue to those injudicious champions who have endeavoured to clear hismemory by attacks upon him whom I shall ever regard as the best andthe wisest man whom I have ever known.
6.  "Dead, Mr. Holmes, dead! He was attache at Rome, and he died thereof pneumonia last month."


1.  "Thank you!" said Holmes. "Thank you!" and as he turned away, itseemed to me that he was more nearly moved by the softer humanemotions than I had ever seen him. A moment later he was the coldand practical thinker once more. "Put the pearl in the safe,Watson," said he, "and get out the papers of the Conk-Singletonforgery case. Good-bye, Lestrade. If any little problem comes yourway, I shall be happy, if I can, to give you a hint or two as to itssolution."
2.  "Now we will take another line of reasoning. When you follow twoseparate chains of thought, Watson, you will find some point ofintersection which should approximate to the truth. We will start now,not from the lady but from the coffin and argue backward. Thatincident proves, I fear, beyond all doubt that the lady is dead. Itpoints also to an orthodox burial with proper accompaniment of medicalcertificate and official sanction. Had the lady been obviouslymurdered, they would have buried her in a hole in the back garden. Buthere all is open and regular. What does that mean? Surely that theyhave done her to death in some way which has deceived the doctor andsimulated a natural end- poisoning, perhaps. And yet how strangethat they should ever let a doctor approach her unless he were aconfederate, which is hardly a credible proposition."
3.  "All right, Mr. Hayes, no harm meant," said Holmes. "We have beenhaving a look at your horses, but I think I'll walk, after all. It'snot far, I believe."
4、  "Have you it there?" I asked.
5、  "But I can. I could swear to it. However, we will go back at ourleisure and verify it. What a blind beetle I have been, not to draw myconclusion."




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      "I am in touch with Miss Dobney, Lady Frances's governess.""Old Susan Dobney with the mob cap! I remember her well.""And she remembers you. It was in the days before- before youfound it better to go to South Africa."

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      "What!" cried Carruthers, springing out of his chair. "I'll goupstairs and finish him first. Do you tell me that that angel, is tobe tied to Roaring Jack Woodley for life?"

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       "Well, you are in the right place for that. There is a deal of itlying about. But mind what I have told you about Sir Robert. He'sthe sort that strikes first and speaks afterwards. Keep clear of thepark."

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      "Here is the first notice which I can find. It is in the personalcolumn of the Morning Post, and dates, as you see, some weeks back:"A marriage has been arranged [it says] and will, if rumour iscorrect, very shortly take place, between Lord Robert St. Simon,second son of the Duke of Balmoral, and Miss Hatty Doran, the onlydaughter of Aloysius Doran, Esq., of San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A.That is all."

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    {  1904

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      "But here also the ministers of justice were waiting. Knowing thathe would return there, Garcia, who is the son of the former highestdignitary in San Pedro, was waiting with two trusty companions ofhumble station, all three fired with the same reasons for revenge.He could do little during the day, for Murillo took every precautionand never went out save with his satellite Lucas, or Lopez as he wasknown in the days of his greatness. At night, however, he slept alone,and the avenger might find him. On a certain evening, which had beenprearranged, I sent my friend final instructions, for the man wasforever on the alert and continually changed his room. I was to seethat the doors were open and the signal of a green or white light in awindow which faced the drive was to give notice if all was safe orif the attempt had better be postponed.}

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      "How long had this maid Dolores been with her?"

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      "Which means that it is not of much use," said the inspector. "Nowif it had been in the burglar's-"

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       "You can write me down an ass this time, Watson," said he. "This wasnot the bird that I was looking for."

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    {  My friend took the instrument and I heard the usual syncopateddialogue.

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      "Well, really, when I consider that she has turned her back-I willnot say upon me, but upon so much that many have aspired to withoutsuccess-I can hardly explain it in any other fashion."